Welcome to Live Oak!

Formally organized in 1878, Live Oak was named for a large oak tree that stood beside the first train station in the area of northwest Scriven St. and Irvin St.  Railroad workers gathered at noontime to eat in the shade of the tree.  Railroads from the north and south converged at this juncture.

In 1900, the lumber industry and railroads put Live Oak on the map.  Early downtown businesses were along the railroad tracks and Ohio Street.

Today, most of the buildings within three blocks of the intersection of Howard and Ohio Streets were built prior to 1925.  The structures listed below have significance because of the people associated with them, architectural features, or historical events.

The Historic Business District walking trail is outlined with a yellow line on the map.  Park your car and begin your walk at Heritage Square with a visit to the Suwannee County Museum at 208 North Ohio Avenue.  Sites outside the walking trail are easily accessible by car.